By attending the one-day Contract Law for Non-Lawyers workshop, managers will gain a solid understanding of the contract law and what is required during contract drafting process. At the same time they will gain in-depth insight on do’s and don’ts in signing a well-crafted contract.

Key Learning Objectives

  1. Grasp the crucial steps involved in drafting a good contract
  2. Understanding contractual material & key terms
  3. Avoid the traps and pitfalls in drafting a contract
  4. Effectively handle and develop legally astute and advantageous contracts
  5. Achieve effective and workable solutions for all your contracting needs
  6. Implement strategies to ensure your contracts are plainly expressed and risk-managed
  7. Protect your interests if things go wrong in the future
  8. Clearly understand the force of your contractual obligations


This workshop is designed for senior managers and directors across all industries except obviously the legal profession. 

Delegates often attend this course when one of their contracts has or is holding them liable for unforeseen consequences and they are trying to triage a situation. 

But they’re too late! 

Legal advice and litigation is expensive, and of limited applicability when a problem occurs.  

The cost-benefit ratio for this course is: one day out of the office + a small fee can mean the difference between the enforceability of an unforeseen term in one of your contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars…or not. 

Attend this Masterclass and help reduce your organisation’s contract risk. 

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